Courtland Rogers: Sober, Doing Right By Jenelle Evans

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Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers have been through a lot in their first six weeks as a married couple - and not just their brief separation.

Earlier this week, her former boss James Duffy started Tweeting Jenelle Evans nude photos like a madman. She also has a host of legal problems.

Courtland and Jenelle Rogers

Courtland's had his share of issues too. From accusations of heroin use to a video leak detailing his Xanax use, things haven’t been easy for him.

Rogers, who is also a parent, is coming clean, taking matters into his own hands and detailing his addiction issues and stints in rehab to Radar:

“I am not perfect, but I’m working really hard now to live a good sober life for Jenelle and for my daughter,” he tells the celebrity news and gossip site.

While Rogers may be on the right track now, things haven’t been easy for him, and he says it all started with a near fatal car accident in his teens.

“I was 15, and I got in a car wreck, and I messed up my hip, and the doctors put me on prescription pills, and I started abusing them,” he laments.

Courtland Rogers explains that he had been prescribed Oxycodin after suffering from a broken pelvis and crushed foot, and that he got hooked.

“I figured out you could get high from the pills, and I abused them for five years, until I was 20,” says Courtland, who fired entered rehab when he was 19.

No dice.

“It is hard, I did rehab, and then I had to go again a few years later. It is hard, but I did it a second time," he says, noting that it was court-ordered.

But effective.

“I’ve sobered up now, and I want to do right for Jenelle," says the new Mr. Jenelle Evans. "I've been through a lot but I am a great guy with a good heart!”

Here's wishing these two the best of luck. They may well need it.

Jenelle & Court: How long will it last?

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