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San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has made countless headlines for his play this NFL season, but his tattoos get plenty of “ink” as well.

What’s the meaning behind the football star’s (many) tats?

“The first one I got was Psalm 18:39, a scroll on my right shoulder. The verse is, ‘You arm me with strength for battle. You make my adversaries bow at my feet.'”

The 25-year-old added, “Basically, it’s saying the Lord is giving me all the tools to be successful, I just have to go out and do my part to uphold that.”


Kaepernick, who starred at the University of Nevada, began this season as a backup to Alex Smith, making his rise to stardom all the more captivating.

The heavily-tattooed star has become a breakout hit – both personally and professionally – for his play, his swagger and yes, even his Kaepernicking.

As for what ink he’ll get if the 49ers take home the Super Bowl trophy by defeating Ray Lewis and the Ravens this Sunday? “I have some in the works,” he teased.

Kaepernick’s tattoo artist Nes Andrion, whose business has BOOMED since Kaepernick came off the bench to lead the 49ers offense, says he’s not done yet.

“Last time we talked, when I did his entire back, we talked about maybe doing his chest,” Andrion said.

As for the Kaepernick’s favorite tattoo? “He never said,” Andrion said.

“I’m sure everything he put on his body has a lot of meaning to it. I think the one on his biceps [My Gift Is My Curse] is the one that represents his talent.”

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