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Chad Johnson was cut by the Miami Dolphins this season and may never see an NFL field again; his wife, Evelyn Lozada, also divorced him after two months.

His life sort of sucks right now, but give him credit for one thing: Making $66,000 a month in”self-employment, partnerships, and/or independent contracts.”

That’s right, no NFL salary and he’s still raking it in.

Chad Johnson Is Shirtless

Johnson filed paperwork in his ongoing child support fight with one of his baby mamas, according to TMZ, listing $1.28 million in real estate assets.


Combine that with $600,000 in cars, $75,000 worth of furniture, $40,000 in jewelry and most importantly, no debt, and he’s as solvent as an NFL star gets.

As for expenses, he shells out over $16,000 a month in child support (for another baby mama) $5,000 monthly on entertainment and $3,500 on clothes. 

Finally, $1,000 on pet expenses and $250 on personal “grooming” … whatever that means. In any case, he’s still running a profit, which is good to see.

At least some athlete understands this concept.