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Bristol Palin, Kyle Massey and Lifetime have buried the hatchet over the abysmal reality show Life’s a Tripp. Phew. You may now return to your lives.

Palin’s former Dancing with the Stars cast-mate and his brother were suing her and the show for $500,000; they claimed the idea was stolen from them.

We know … they should compensate the U.S. that much for having subjected us to it.

Janson Moore

Still, the Massey bros claimed it was their idea and they were cut out of the final project about Bristol Palin and her move to L.A. They were far from pleased.

They filed suit, but apparently it’s been resolved, amicably.

A rep for the Masseys now confirms that all is settled and that an undisclosed settlement was reached, with the brothers “pleased” by the terms.

That also sums up America’s reaction to its cancellation.