Adrienne Maloof: Brandi Glanville Tried to RUIN My Family!

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Adrienne Maloof and Brandi Glanville's feud takes center stage on the cover of Us Weekly, as the former accuses the latter of some serious family ruining.

Between this and her LeAnn Rimes feud, Brandi has a lot on her plate.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans know how heated things have gotten since Brandi revealed a yet-unaired secret about Adrienne and Paul Nassif’s children.

But a new report suggests that the bad blood has gotten even worse, to the point where Adrienne believes Brandi Glanville is “trying to destroy” her family.

To make matters worse, a friend claims, Brandi actually befriended Paul since his recent divorce from Adrienne, who's now dating Sean Stewart.

“He’s lovely, and we text occasionally,” Brandi says of Paul, even as Adrienne's friends say “it’s crazy that Paul can befriend Brandi after what she did to his kids.”

Brandi doesn’t think she did anything wrong running her mouth, insisting that ”when you sign up for a reality show, everything you do in your life is fair game.”

Not a terrible point, although Adrienne and Paul were able to convince Bravo to censor Brandi when she dropped the major bombshell about their family.

Us isn't about to be censored, however, and the celeb gossip magazine reveals that Adrienne used a surrogate to have six-year-old twins, Christian and Colin.

She made that decision after her very difficult pregnancy with nine-year-old Gavin. Doesn't sound that scandalous or even surprising, but there you go.

Adrienne is furious,” a friend tells the mag, explaining that she had planned to tell her twins the truth about their birth when she felt the time was right.

Guess that does make sense, from that perspective, although can she really be afforded any privacy when she makes her life so public on RHOBH?

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