THG Celebrity of the Year Finalist #2: Rihanna!

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We're inching ever closer to the end of 2012, and THG's Celebrity of the Year.

With the calendar about to flip to 2013, we're looking back at the stars who made this year so memorable via their songs, sex tapes, naked photos, and/or arrests.

Justin Bieber kicked off our top five, followed by Kate Middleton in the #4 spot and Taylor Swift at #3. Today, we present our Celebrity of the Year runner-up:


Rihanna Lips

The year will go down as another huge one for Rih musically, with the prolific singer's albums Talk That Talk and Unapologetic both dominating the charts.

That's just part of the reason she ever-present here on THG, though.

She's young, talented, uninhibited and unafraid to push the envelope, despite being a global superstar. The last 12 months proved this like never before.

Rihanna got new tattoos. She got drunk, and she got high. She got pissed at reporters. She got emotional on Oprah. She got back with Chris Brown.

She posted a TON of photos on Twitter and Instagram of herself getting tattoos, getting drunk, getting high and yes, getting back with Chris Brown.

This is a girl that knows the way the celebrity gossip fame game is played. She gives the fans what they want, and she gets the publicity she needs.

It was getting back with Chris, who infamously beat her in 2009, that was her most controversial move of the year, though. Rihanna nude photos? Ho hum.

Many fans were unhappy. All of them were surprised. But you have to give Rih credit, even if you think she's a fool, because she lives life on her own terms.

If she wants to date her ex - or party with strippers to the point where she's hospitalized and on IVs the next day - that's what she's gonna do. Period.

Number of f%*ks given? Zero. Number of Rihanna hit songs? Dozens. Number of Instagram pics posted for the sole purpose of keeping us talking? Hundreds.

Well played, Rih. So very well played. So here's looking forward to the 24-year-old's next single and, hopefully, to an even more outrageous, topless 2013.

Enjoy many more memorable images of the star from 2012 below:

Rihanna Naked Video Pic
Rihanna, Strippers
Rihanna Drunk
Hot Rihanna Bikini Pic
Rihanna in Elle
Rihanna Topless Twit Pic
Rihanna Birthday Cake
Rihanna Nipple Slip
Rihanna Nude Pic
Rihanna, New Tattoo
Rihanna Armani Underwear Pic
Rihanna, Breasts
Rihanna Swimsuit Picture
Chris Brown and Rihanna Courtside
Rihanna Unapologetic Album Cover
Rihanna-Chris Brown VMA Kiss
Rihanna Hugs Chris Brown
Rihanna Smoking in Bed

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