The X Factor Results: The Semifinalists Are ...

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After The X Factor top six sang for their lives a night earlier, only four spots remained on Thursday's results show, and at least a few of them were up for grabs.

So who moved on to the semifinals? Let's find out!

X Factor Elimination
  1. Emblem3!
  2. Carly Rose Sonenclar!
  3. Tate Stevens!

CeCe Frey, Diamond White and Fifth Harmony were in jeopardy, with one of the three getting booted right away and the other two going to the Sing Off to move on.

The singer eliminated first was ...

CeCe Frey!

Diamond White and Fifth Harmony then battled it out one last time and left their respective fates in the hands of the four judges. Who got the votes to stay?

  • Simon sends home Diamond White
  • Britney sends home Fifth Harmony
  • L.A. sends home Diamond White
  • Demi sends home Diamond White

By a 3-1 vote, Diamond White is gone, and Fifth Harmony moves on. Do you agree with the ouster of CeCe and Diamond on last night's results show?

Vote in our X Factor poll below:

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