The Real Housewives of Miami Recap: Alexia's Ambush

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On The Real Housewives of Miami "Elsa Foretells a Storm" but can she foresee an ambush. We recap all the malicious gossip and rocky relationships in our THG +/- review.

Joanna Krupa, Bikini

As the girls prepare for their trip to Bimini, Elsa tells her daughter she foresees trouble ahead. Plus 13 but I really don't think you need psychic powers to realize the odds are against these women holding hands and singing Kumbaya at the end of their trip.

It's amazing Elsa can even speak with her teeth chattering. Apparently Marysol tries to preserve her youth by sleeping in a deep freeze. Minus 20. Elsa's actually wearing a fur coat. How cold is it in there and why does someone in Miami even own a fur?

James pays a visit to Lea bringing some supposedly fabulous hats.  Really? More like hideous. Minus 10.

Lea swears to her friend that she'll make sure Marysol sees the light about her evil ways by the end of the trip. Oye. Minus 12. James and Marysol don't like one another. Can't we let this go already?

Joanna's using the trip to rethink her relationship with Romain. Plus 10. I've grown to like Romain but it's been five years. These two need to decide if they're moving forward or moving on.

The plane is ready for takeoff but Adriana isn't. She brings five bags worth of hats, shoes, outfits, and makeup but forgets her passport. Minus 15. She'll just have to catch up later.

On Bimini Bay, the guide tells the ladies that this is where sharks are born.  Ha!  The poor creatures have nothing on this group.

When it comes to picking bedrooms, Lisa turns into the diva who won't accept anything less than the master suite. Minus 10 since Joanna's the one who put this trip together.

In a surprising turn of events, Lea happily takes the twin beds that look like boats. Plus 12.

Of course no Housewives trip can ever run smooth and Alexia's hiding the proverbial knife to stick in Karent's back.  She found an article that claims Rodolfo is fooling around with his costar, complete with pictures of them making out.

Minus 22 because despite her feigned worry about Karent you can tell she's completely enjoying this.

Honestly, I can't stand Rodolfo. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if he is cheating on Karent but why is everyone taking some gossip rag's article as gospel? Minus 15.

Alexia proves once again how mean spirited and manipulative she can be as she toys with Karent all through dinner, asking who's been cheated on in the past and whether or not they'd want to know.  Then she makes sure everyone else knows the news before springing it on an unsuspecting Karent in front of the group.  Minus 25.

So much for a peaceful trip for the ladies. We'll have to wait until next week but my psychic abilities are telling me it will only get worse


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