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Was the Bachelorette wedding special featuring Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum faked? None other than Sean Lowe has inadvertently prompted that speculation.

The Bachelor’s will-be star went to the Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum nuptials December 1 … or did he? After the wedding, he wrote the following Tweet:

“@JP_Rosenbaum @jason_mesnick Lol! I forgot to say thanks for plugging my abs. And JP hope to meet you soon bud,” Sean Lowe sent on December 17.

Michelle Young, Pre-Rose Ceremony

That’s 16 days after he attended the wedding and a day after ABC aired it.


Was Sean even there? No one’s implying that Ashley and J.P.’s marriage or relationship is fake, though the appearance of the wedding may have been.

Since ABC filmed and financed it, they no doubt had control over every detail from the guest list (perceived or otherwise) to the cake to the rings.

It’s also possible that Sean simply didn’t meet J.P. at the soiree. You know how those things are … the bride and groom only have so much time to mingle.

In any case, Sean’s season kicks off January 7. For all the details on who he supposedly picks, head on over to The Bachelor spoilers page on THG!