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A confessed serial killer was found dead in Anchorage, Alaska this weekend. Israel Keyes is believed to have killed at least eight people over 10 years.

Keyes, 34, apparently committed suicide Sunday at the Anchorage Correctional Complex.

Israel Keyes was being held at that facility after being charged with “kidnapping resulting in death” of 18-year-old Samantha Koenig earlier this year.

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Until his death, officials involved in the case had been tight-lipped on the details of Koenig’s death and the possibility Keyes was involved in other crimes.


During Sunday’s press conference Anchorage Police Chief Mark Mew said Keyes, who did not know Koenig, confessed to kidnapping the teen from her job.

She was taken from a Common Grounds Espresso stand at gunpoint on February 1, 2012.

Keyes said he took her to her truck, took her ATM card and killed her that night, using a chainsaw to cut a hole in the ice at Matanuska Lake and disposing of the body.

Mew said Keyes then left the state, where he began using the ATM card.

It was through those transactions Anchorage Police and the FBI were able to track his movements, but they didn’t know the suspect’s name until his arrest.

Keyes was eventually pulled over in Lufkin, Texas on March 13. Police said Koenig’s ATM card and pieces of her cell phone were found in the vehicle.

Investigators didn’t say when they were able to get the confession of Koenig’s murder, but on March 30 teams were searching Keyes’ Turnagain home.

They were seen taking away a shed. Investigators wouldn’t say what, if anything, was inside.

The confession also led them to Koenig’s body. It was pulled from the lake in early April.

Out of respect for the Koenig family, who just received the news of Keyes’ suicide Sunday morning, Mew would not say how Koenig died or if she was sexually assaulted.

Investigators believe Koenig is Keyes’ only victim here in Alaska, but Keyes also confessed to the June 2011 murders of Lorraine and William Currier in Vermont.

In addition to Koenig and the Curriers, during dozens of hours of interviews Keyes also said he was responsible for four murders in Washington State and one in New York.

Investigators said he did not provide them with any names of his victims. The FBI is working with law enforcement agencies around the country to try and identify them.