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With a pretend baby on the way, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are reportedly planning the next logical step:

A big wedding!

According to nonsense made up by OK! Weekly, the famous couple is set to make its relationship “permanent” and “legal.”

“They’re split between doing it in England or somewhere totally remote and tropical,” an insider alleges of a Robert/Kristen wedding.


Of course, the Stewart and Rupert Sanders affair is putting a damper on the plans.

“Before the cheating scandal, the plan was always a wedding near Rob’s home in the U.K. But now some of his family and friends are not so keen on Kristen, so she’s not really into that.

“Still, his mom always wanted him to have a very traditional church ceremony with a big fancy reception and Rob and Kristen have agreed that they’re willing to do it to make her happy – as long as the family can truly forgive Kristen.”

And therein lies the question for all Twihards: Should Robert Pattinson forgive Kristen Stewart? Weigh in now: