Obama Meets PSY, Witnesses Glory That is Gangnam Style in Person

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PSY, President Obama. President Obama, PSY.

In the spirit of the holidays, the Washington establishment appears to have forgiven the "Gangam Style" sensation for his controversial 2004 anti-American rap.

Obama Meets PSY

PSY apologized Friday for participating in a pair of President George W. Bush-era protests, during which he rapped highly inflammatory lyrics and anti-war sentiments.

Then he appeared as scheduled at the annual Christmas in Washington concert.

He met President Barack Obama face-to-face and performed for the Commander-in-Chief, with the lyrics tweaked for the occasion as "Christmas Style."

USA Today reports that "The crowd, full of Washington VIPs including CNN's Wolf Blitzer, ate it up with looks of both amusement and bewilderment."

The Washington Post adds: "It's a huge room, and every nook of it fills with giddy, gushy, holly, jolly applause. PSY throws a thumbs-up and silently mouths a 'Thank you.'"

Obama was sure to tread carefully, however.

In a short speech after the concert, he name-checked Diana Ross and mentioned Conan O'Brien by name "the tallest elf I've ever seen," but did not shout-out PSY.

The concert airs December 21.

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