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In news that could lead to a different kind of Storage Wars lawsuit than we reported on earlier this week … Lindsay Lohan is on the verge of having hers seized!

Due to ongoing, worsening financial woes, Lohan, whose assets were already seized by the IRS, may see her physical possessions taken from her as well.

We’re talking expensive designer clothes, family heirlooms and potentially embarrassing items, all because she hasn’t paid her storage bill of about $16,000.

As a result, the unit is about to go up on the auction block.


According to TMZ, she’s fallen behind on payments recently, putting the storage unit’s owner in a similar spot to anyone else who deals with Lohan.

The account is now delinquent and the locker can’t be opened until the balance is paid in full … and that’s not going to happen because it’s Lindsay.

Unless Lindsay pays up this month, that unit is theirs for the taking. If this saga isn’t reenacted for the (apparently fake) Storage Wars, we’ll be upset.

She’s reached out to friends, but so far, no one’s loaned her the cash. Shock. Maybe her angel investor pal Charlie Sheen can come through again?

Sadly, this is probably the least of her problems right now.

After she was charged with lying to police after her June car crash, a judge revoked Lohan’s probation yesterday, scheduling a hearing for January 15.

On that date, she could be sent to a different kind of storage unit for the next eight months … where at least she couldn’t accrue any new debts.

Should LiLo do hard time for her various crimes?