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LeAnn Rimes is firing back at Brandi Glanville’s comments that she is addicted to laxatives and is calling The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star out for calling her out publicly.

Last week, Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife Glanville accused LeAnn, who Cibrian infamously left her for, of being a terrible stepmother to Brandi and Eddie’s two young sons.

Specifically, Brandi claimed LeAnn carelessly let one of the boys eat one of her laxatives, making him sick, and that Rimes pops pills 24/7 due to a “serious eating disorder.”


Cibrian stood up for his wife and called out Glanville in the aftermath of that outburst, saying she had every chance to discuss this privately but did not do so.

Now LeAnn, who has battled anorexia rumors in the past and recently checked into rehab for stress and anxiety issues, is slamming Brandi’s “outlandish allegations.”

Rimes says she has no diseases or addictions, and while she’s tried to remain silent in the past out of respect for their families, she’s reached her threshold of “harassment.”

LeAnn tells TMZ:

“It’s a shame to have one party constantly spreading lies. I know this drama is exactly what she wants to create. But Eddie and I hope for everyone’s sake, this changes.”

The tension between the pair is not new. Their Twitter feuds have been going on as long as Rimes and Cibrian have been married, and have escalated lately.

Brandi Glanville has yet to respond … give it a few minutes.