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Reasons number 450 and 451 we absolutely love Jennifer Lawrence:

She’s addicted to junk food and reality TV, just like the rest of us!

[NOTE: These Jennifer Lawrence bikini photos are also reasons]

Jennifer Lawrence at Her Final X-Men Premiere

The breakout star of The Hunger Games and surefire Oscar nominee for Silver Linings Playbook says of her L.A. apartment, “It’s like a reality TV show cave.”

“I just learned how to work TiVO. That changed my life.”

That was a pretty awesome invention, agreed.


Jen tells Marie Claire that her favorite nights involve just having friends over. What does she serve up when she’s entertaining? “Junk food, of course!”

The Kentucky-born actress calls herself “old lady” who has no interest in the Hollywood party scene: “After it’s 11, I’m like, ‘Don’t these kids ever get tired?'”

“When I’m out, I think about my couch.”

“Like, ‘It would be awesome to be on it right now. I bet there’s an episode of Dance Moms on. Am I missing a new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians?

“I’m just stressed by the idea of missing them.”

“Reality TV is my silver lining,” she jokes. “At the end of the day there’s probably nothing that makes me feel better than junk food and reality TV.”

Amen, Jen. Amen.