George Zimmerman Sued By Security Company

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A security company is suing George Zimmerman for a major chunk of the bill it says it charged to keep him safe in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting.

It cost roughly $67,000 to protect Zimmerman after his release from jail this summer, due to angry mobs and vigilante killers, and he hasn't paid up in full.

Zimmerman in Court

At least according to Associated Investigative Services, who filed the lawsuit against Zimmerman and his attorneys, who the company says did the hiring.

Associated claims it was hired for security "in anticipation of Mr. Zimmerman's release from incarceration while he was awaiting trial on felony criminal charges."

According to Associated, Zimmerman's lawyer paid $40,000 while the company continued to provide security services ... but then payments stopped.

According to the lawsuit, Zimmerman's attorney told Associated his client, awaiting trial for second degree murder, could no longer afford the protection services.

Associated wants the $27,027 it claims Zimmerman still owes.

George Zimmerman, in response, now says via his lawyer that he fired the security company he hired to protect him because of mysteriously high billing.

Zimmerman felt "the billing got out of hand quickly ... we trusted them to be efficient with their work and they weren’t." Soon enough, the relationship ended.

The attorney adds that he's financially strapped, and "I don’t believe those who have contributed to help George should be taken advantage of by such over-billing.”