Edith Casas Hopes to Marry Sister's Convicted Killer

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Edith Casas, a 22-year old Argentine, wants to marry Victor Cingolani, the man serving a 13-year old prison sentence… for murdering Edith's twin sister.

In 2010, the body of Johana Casas turned up in a field with two bullets holes in it; Cingolani was subsequently convicted of the crime, though Edith maintains her fiancé's innocence.

She tells The BBC that Cingolani "would not hurt a fly."

The controversial nuptials were scheduled to take place on Saturday, but a civil judge granted the request of Edith's mother for her daughter to undergo a psychiatric evaluation because she believes Edith to be mentally "ill."

Cingolani's attorney, Lucas Chacon, says Marcos Diaz - who was dating Johana at the time of her death - is actually responsible for the murder. Diaz goes on trial next year.