Dad Carves Pentagram on Son For Good Luck on 12-12-12

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A Texas dad carved a pentagram on his son Wednesday because 12-12-12 was a lucky day ... or so this clearly deranged human being claims.

"I shed some innocent blood," Brent Troy Bartel, 39, told a police dispatcher afterward.

"I inscribed a pentagram on my son." Why, he was asked? "Because it’s a holy day.”

Brent Troy Bartel Mug Shot

While he was carving a pentagram on a six-year-old on 12-12-12, Bartel’s wife was at a neighbor’s home, telling police he was attacking their son.

When cops arrived, they found the boy shirtless and shivering in pajama pants.

A large pentagram - the five-pointed star often associated with satanism or the occult - was carved into his back, and his blood was smeared on the door.

A box cutter was apparently used to make the symbol.

The boy was taken to Cooks Children’s Hospital, while Bartel was charged with aggravated assault on a family member and held on $50,000 bond.

The boy’s wounds weren’t very deep, and he was released to his mother later Wednesday. Child protective services was investigating the case.

Officials still aren’t sure why he did it. “This is something you normally hear about in the movies, not something you expect to see," an officer said.

Somewhere, Dexter is plotting to take the dad out.