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Kevin Federline’s brother Chris says he not only had an affair with Britney Spears, but fathered her oldest son Sean, according to a new bombshell tabloid report.

Christopher Federline, as reported by the National Enquirer, filed for a restraining order against Britney on December 18 in U.S. District Court in Tampa, Fla.

Claiming The X Factor judge stole from, blackmailed and harassed him. Obvi.

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“She is out-of-control and a maniac,” Chris Federline said in the court docs.

Say what now? Well, he explains, or at least tries to …


Chris claims Britney recently “went to Kevin’s house to pick up Sean Preston and Jayden James, and [his] wallet was on Kevin’s coffee table.”

Britney, he says, “opened it up and stole [his] Capital One credit card.”

C-Fed says Britney racked up $4,500 in charges, and also “laughed at me [and] told me my brother Kevin ruined her life, and made fun of me and told me I have a small penis.”

That covers all bases right there.

As for the illegitimate he claims he fathered, Chris says he got the pop star pregnant while she was married to K-Fed – and that SHE threatened to expose it.

“She also blackmailed me and told me if I tell the police that she stole my credit card, that she will tell the world I’m the true father of Sean Preston, not Kevin.”

“I do confess I slept with Britney, and I am the true father, but the public does not need to know,” he admitted … to a f–king celebrity gossip magazine.

Makes perfect sense to us.

Yet, when he asked for his card back, she “just laughed” and “threatened to tell Kevin she and Chris had sex while she was married to Kevin … and tell everyone.”

It’s unclear how many times they allegedly fornicated while both were married, but Chris says he regrets the affair with Britney and didn’t want it to get out.

An insider says, “Chris says the fling was a mistake” and he “always felt bad and kept it to himself because he didn’t want Alisha, his wife at the time, to know.”

If the recent Britney split rumors are true, she and Jason Trawick are on the rocks. Maybe she and Chris can patch up their differences … in the sack!