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Looks like the leak of the Chad Johnson sex tape was not Ocho’s doing.

Either that, or he’s going to great, devious lengths to cover his tracks, because the former NFL star is turning to the FBI for help, according to a TMZ report.

The footage, which found its way online Christmas Day (nice stocking stuffer), shows Eight-Five in a Florida hotel room, putting it to an unknown female.

Chad Johnson Is Shirtless

Chad Johnson, who says the sex tape was filmed 3-4 years ago, is reportedly furious, and believes the video was mysteriously hacked from his phone.


You know. Kinda like Mila Kunis and Scarlett Johansson nude photo style.

Given the propensity of celebrities to take sexy pictures and videos on their personal electronic devices – and hackers’ aptitude at infiltrating them – it’s certainly possible.

It’s also unclear why Chad would leak a video of himself deep inside some tattooed chick while he’s trying to win back his wife – who left him for cheating.

The tape is reportedly not news to her, but leaking it wouldn’t help his cause.

Like Scarlett, he’s contacted the FBI to help find the hacker … marking the first ever use of Scarlett Johansson and Chad Johnson in the same article.

While awaiting a response from the feds, he’s also contacted his lawyer to put together a cease-and-desist letter to get the footage yanked from the web.

Chad admitted on Twitter that the tape is real but says he didn’t leak it. His ex-wife Evelyn Lozada also denied a report that his Johnson was inside her friend.

No one knows who the lucky girl is, but it’s no pal of Ev’s.