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Brooke Mueller is either in denial. Or is just really good at kicking this whole substance abuse thing.

The ex-wife of Charlie Sheen, who entered rehab last week for the 19th time – no, that is not a typo – after an assistant found her passed out and dialed 911, is already out and back in the real world, just six days after admission.

Sources tell TMZ Mueller’s goal this time around was simply to detox (from an admitted Adderall addiction), which can typically take just a few days to accomplish… but it’s rather clear Mueller has an overarching problem here.

Brooke Mueller on a Red Carpet
Photo via Getty Images

Brooke will continue to undergo psychological outpatient treatment and she’s also regained custody of her twin boys, who had been under the care of her mother.

For their sake, we sincerely hope Muller has her act together.