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Dancing With the Stars host Brooke Burke-Charvet is set to undergo a thyroidectomy this week. She recently Tweeted some “last looks at my neck.”

“Here we go,” she wrote, along with the image below:

Brooke Burke’s thyroid cancer diagnosis shocked fans – and her family – earlier this year, and the mother of four young kids says breaking the news was the hard part.

Brooke Burke and Derek Hough Win Dancing with the Stars

Burke-Charvet has been blogging about her health struggle for Modern Mom, and recently opened up about how she told her family about her cancer diagnosis:

“I decided not to tell my children about my diagnosis for as long as I possibly could because I didn’t want them to worry,” she wrote on Wednesday.

“I know that my younger ones still don’t have a great concept of time and I didn’t want them to be anxious, worried and asking 1,000 questions.”

Children Neriah and Sierra were the first to find out, but it was Burke-Charvet’s son Shaya whose reaction shocked the model and TV personality most.

“[He would say] ‘I don’t want Mommy to die’ [and that] is “the stuff that breaks my heart and scares me.”

As she prepares for her procedure, Burke is also focused on her healing process, and her recovery.

“I’m not afraid anymore,” Burke-Charvet said. “I think I’ve been dealing with it so much the past couple months that now I’m ready to just get it done.”

“My only need is being OK for my husband and my children so they don’t have to go through any pain and making this as easy as possible for them.”

Here’s wishing Brooke and her family nothing but the best in these trying times.