Prince William Updates Website, Posts New Photos

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When Prince William and his RAF Search and Rescue squadron are done flying helicopters over the mountains and sea of North Wales ... there's always Call of Duty 2: Black Ops.

William revealed his enjoyment of the game on his revamped website, which includes a new photo feature on the man known simply as Flight Lieutenant Wales.

Prince William at the Base

In William's new gallery, he can be seen making the bed he naps in away from wife Kate Middleton during 24-hour shifts, working at a computer, in meetings and more.

His current tour ends in late 2013 and, like all crew members, he is set to make a decision before the end of the year about whether to sign on for another few years.

On Wednesday, even more new images will be published - this time Prince William and Kate Middleton pictures taken during their recent trip to the jungle of Borneo.

Prince Harry naked may also make an appearance. Kidding.