Mike Epps Nightclub Brawl: Comedian Involved in Possible Shooting

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Some yahoo fired a gun inside a Hollywood nightclub during a showdown between Mike Epps' posse and other club goers, according to a TMZ report.

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Cops rushed to Tru nightclub around midnight, responding to a call that a shot was fired inside, where the Next Friday actor was celebrating his birthday.

According to law enforcement, a fight had broken out between Epps' camp and other clubbers when someone pulled out a gun and fired a "warning shot."

Everyone in the club ran for the doors, including Mike Epps, who then fled the scene.

No one was seriously injured ... but two women who were inside the club say they were trampled by panicked peeps who made a mad dash for the exits.

"Everybody scattered, everybody started fighting and everything," a witness said.

The witness said Epps had just arrived to the party when the gun went off ... and at that point the actor jumped in his car and left. Cops are currently investigating.

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