McDonald's Upside Down Flag Sparks Controversy

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A lot of people (48.0% of the popular vote to be precise) are pretty disappointed with Tuesday's election results, but one West Virginia McDonald's is taking it particularly hard.

McDonald's Flag

By and large, reactions to President Obama's reelection range from partisan lunacy (Donald Trump's rant) to classy calls for national unity (Mitt Romney's concession speech).

The Follansbee, W.V. McDonald's? A little different.

Wednesday, it was spotted flying the American flag upside down at half-mast - traditionally, a signal that the flag-bearer is in jeopardy and in dire need of assistance.

An upside-down flag can also be interpreted as a protest, and in the aftermath of Obama's win, many saw the flag as an objection to the 2012 presidential election results.

According to West Virginia's News9, an employee at the restaurant indicated that the flag's upside down, half-mast position had been set by the owner.

By the end of the day, it returned to its full-staff, correctly-oriented position.

A person representing themselves as the owner of the store later contacted News9 and claimed that the flag's position and appearance were "the result of a mistake."

Raise your hand if you believe that's even remotely possible.

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