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Lady Gaga writhes around, gets her ass spanked and sucks batter off her fingers in two video teasers for her latest song, “Cake.” Definitely worth a NSFW look:

Lady Gaga - Cake (Teaser Video)
Lady Gaga - Cake (Teaser)

Sometimes, a girl’s gotta make cake. With her mostly-naked body. No utensils.

After making a mess, it isn’t surprising that the provocative singer needed a good bath afterward, or that a couple of chicks were waiting there for her.

If you’re finished rewinding the ass-slap at 0:03 of the second video a dozen times, we’ve posted a ton of Lady Gaga photos from it after the jump.

Sorry/you’re welcome:


Our favorite recipes for cake usually involve girl-on-girl threesomes … how about you?