Kirstie Alley on John Travolta: NOT Gay!

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Carrie Fisher has gone on the record saying that John Travolta is gay.

Kirstie Alley, the actor's longtime friend, is now saying the opposite.

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In an upcoming 20/20 interview, the actress and Dancing With the Stars All-Star, 61, tells Barbara Walters: "I know John with all my heart and soul; he's not gay."

"I think in some weird way, in Hollywood, if someone gets famous enough, and they're not out doing drugs and they're not womanizing, what do you say about them?"

Alley reveals that she had to fight her own romantic feelings for Travolta while she was married to Parker Stevenson; they divorced in 1997 after 14 years together.

She calls Travolta the "greatest love of my life ... it took everything I had inside, outside, whatever, to not run off and marry John and be with John for the rest of my life."

Alley says she didn't act on those impulses because, "I feel like when you marry someone, you're supposed to work hard at it and you're supposed to make it work."

Kirstie also says she had an emotional affair with Patrick Swayze in 1985. "Both of us were married," Alley says, clarifying that the pair did not cheat, but were in love.

As for Travolta, the gay rumors have dogged him for some time.

Married to Kelly Preston for over 20 years, the Savages actor, 58, faced sexual harassment cases leveled against him by male masseurs and hotel employees this year.

Doug Gotterba also claimed he had a longtime affair with John.

He admitted and was found guilty of exactly nothing, it's worth noting, but nevertheless, the long-rumored questions about his sexual orientation resurfaced.

What do you think: Is John Travolta gay?

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