Jersey Shore Recap: Sticking It Out

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This week, down on the Jersey Shore, the prank war kings returned, while Mike pondered his future with Paula and Deena got really, really trashed again.

Read on for THG's full recap!

Deena Cortese on Jersey Shore

Before the show, Vinny discussed Hurricane Sandy - it hit the gang's Seaside Heights, N.J., stomping grounds hard - and urged viewers to donate to the Red Cross.

Well done, Vin and MTV. Plus 100.

Back to the show. Roger Mathews and JWoww did not break up, obviously. We were well aware of this already, given that the two just got engaged. Plus 25.

Situation and Paula? Less clear if he's going to "stick it out" ... since she needs some "sprucing up" and "keeps tabs" on him more now. Forehead slap. Minus 25.

Everyone starts a pool regarding when Mike will pull the plug. Plus 20.

The Prank War Champions strike again! Plus 20.

Vinny and Pauly D decide to punk Deena Cortese while she was out, replacing her pics with Chris with romantic shots of ... themselves. Pretty great. Plus 40.

Situation acted like he wasn't attached at the club, but Paula's friends approached him multiple times. Smart girl, having eyes and ears at Karma. Plus 20.

Minus 50 for Mike grinding on other girls though.

Snooki and Jionni LaValle stay in and have a cute dinner date together. Sweet, and also emblematic of why this is the final season of Jersey Shore.

Drunken daytime arrest be damned, Deena decided to have another Meatball Day, and her mom called to check up on her. Then she became hysterical. Minus 50.

She wanted to stay. She wanted to leave. She wanted Chris to pick her up but he could not. She cried. She got really, really trashed. Ugh. Minus 50.


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