Jackie Chan to Retire from Acting

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Jackie Chan is set to throw his final karate chop on screen: The long-time action star has announced his retirement, effective at the end of his next movie.

Jackie Chan Picture

Referencing Chinese Zodiac 2012, which will premiere next month in China, Chan told Reuters yesterday:

"I'm the director, I'm the writer, I'm the producer, I'm the action director, almost everything... This really, really is my baby."

Chan went on to cite his age of 58 ("I'm not young any more") and added that a lot of what made him so famous - i.e. the stunts and ridiculously impressive moves - can be done now with special effects.

"Why [do] I have to use my own life to still do these kind of things?" he said. "I just don't want to risk my life to sit in a wheelchair, that's all."

Makes perfect sense to us.

Recently awarded the Social Philanthropist of the Year by Harpers Bazaar, Chan will focus future efforts on a wide range of charity work. We wish him all the best with it.

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