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Gabriel Aubry is telling a very different story than the one that’s been reported regarding his brawl and arrest for battery on Thanksgiving.

With Halle Berry looking to get a restraining order against him, Aubry has already also obtained one against the actress’ fiancee, Olivier Martinez, saying in court documents that the French actor brutally beat him on Thursday after threatening him the day before.

According to the Canadian model in a sworn declaration, this is what led to the Gabriel Aubry assault charges:

At a school event on Wednesday, Martinez approached Aubry and told him – in French – that he wished he could “beat the sh-t out of him.”


Fast forward to Thanksgiving around 10 a.m. and Aubry alleges that Martinez – as opposed to the nanny, which had been customary – met his enemy at the front door when Aubry dropped Nahla off to spend the day with her mother.

From there, Martinez leaped off the stairs and went all Chris Brown on Aubry, beating him and yelling that Aubry cost him $3 million in his and Berry’s failed attempt to move Nahla to Paris.

He slammed Aubry’s head against the driveway and eventually told him: “We called the cops… you’re going to tell them that you’re the one who attacked me, or I’m going to kill you.”

Law enforcement officials tell TMZ that Aubry did not mention this threat when they initially talked to him at the scene.

Berry’s side, of course, says that Aubry initiated the brawl, going “nuts” soon after dropping Nahla off for the day, according to the first report filed after this story broke.

So it’s your basic case of He Said/He Said/This All Sucks for the Toddler Stuck in the Middle of It. Whose side are you on?