Breaking Dawn Part 2 Reviews: Action! Sex! And More!

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Let's be honest: it doesn't matter what any critic says about Breaking Dawn Part 2. The movie will be a mammoth success.

But once you get past the Kristen Stewart scandal and stop analyzing every scene between her and Robert Pattinson, is the movie itself worth the price of admission?

Yes, this is a strong conclusion to The Twilight Saga.

Final Poster for Breaking Dawn Part 2

Let's start with Stewart as Bella, a new vampire, bloodthirsty and ravenous. The actress excels in such a role, leaving behind the awkward glances and pauses that fans have come to know and sort of love from the first set of films.

She's on the prowl here, and it's a pleasure to watch.

And that same, more aggressive tone permeates the entire movie. There's more action in Breaking Dawn Part 2 - and a lot more sex.

By now, you've all seen the tantalizing clip of Bella and Edward. Their love is fully on display in the flick, though don't get TOO excited: their clothes do stay on.

But this is a more mature movie overall, and a more mature version of a relationship we've seen go through multiple phases over the years. Bella and Edward are each members of the undead, on equal footing and, of course, parents to an endangered little girl.

Gone is the pining of an innocent human girl for a mysterious blood sucker, which ought to be a welcome development for all.

And it all culminates in an impressive action sequence when our heroes and heroines team up to take on the Volturi. Be warned, however, fans of the book: you'll be in for a change. The much-publicized twist of an ending is real and likely to cause some strife among Twihards.

We won't say another word about it now. But we will encourage readers to buy a ticket, sit back and enjoy. This is a weird, fun, romantic ending to what has been a wild ride.

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