The Real Housewives of New York City Season Finale Recap: All's Well That Doesn't End Well

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It's The Real Housewives of New York City and "All's Well that Doesn't End Well" in this season finale. As a matter of fact there are moments when it's downright painful.

We recap the anger, arguments, and lack of apologies in THG's +/- review.

Has anyone else had enough of the new girls this season?  Aviva is crazy but it's hard to be entertained when she's screeching every time she's on the screen.  On the flip side Heather and Carole are simply boring.  Minus 20.

Some Real Housewives of New York City

But back to our recap…Aviva brings her father along to Carole's ping pong charity event.  All the man has to do is stay away from Ramona but apparently that's too much to ask.  Minus 12. He's got to go over and try to bait Mario.  At least Mario keeps everything civil.

The ping pong event looked like a lot and something different from your normal fundraiser. Plus 9.  And an extra plus 3 for Carole's preppy little ping pong outfit that made her look like she just stepped out of 1955.

Plus 10 to Heather who tells Aviva once again that she's sick of having the same conversation where Aviva bitches about Ramona.  Unfortunately I doubt it will change anything.

The next event is Heather's fashion show to raise money for organ donation.  It features her Yummy Tummy collection and she asks Aviva to walk in the show.  What could go wrong?

Just before she's about to hit the catwalk, Aviva tells Heather she doesn't want to wear the jacket.  Heather's planned this show down to the finest detail and the jacket is part of the outfit.  She explains this to Aviva but apparently it goes in one ear and out the other.

Aviva chooses to walk sans jacket anyway.  Minus 15.  What a selfish, arrogant…I don't want to start name calling. I'll start to sound like Aviva.

But Heather takes the high road and decides to let it go.  Plus 11 for being the better person.

Unfortunately her good will is all used up by the time she comes face to face with Sonja and Ramona.

Minus 10 because Ramona and Sonja are horribly rude during the runway show.  They're loud and obnoxious and I'm not sure they ever even looked up at the catwalk.

Sonja seemed just fine about the toaster oven packaging at the meeting but once she and Ramona start interrogating the photographer, things are no longer so happy.

What Sonja and Ramona seem to forget is that all of this was done for free!  How can Sonja possibly complain about anything?

The wave of discontent spills over into Carole's book party.  After hearing the summary of her book, I don't think I'd ever buy it. Minus 9.

Then Heather's husband asks Ramona about Aviva and Aviva's antennae go wild.  It's like she's just waiting for Ramona to speak her name so she can go on the attack.

Aviva completely loses it once again and Ramona soon follows. Minus 12. It would be entertaining if we hadn't watched this same scene ten time this season.  I'm with Heather on this one.  How many times can you listen to the same fight?

Aviva seems torn between George being a hero and a victim.  And Minus 10 to Heather and Carole. At Ramona's fundraiser they seemed to take her side that George was wrong but now with Aviva screeching like a lunatic, they back her.  

I think being two faced is a prerequisite for being on a Housewives show.

In the end the recap is pretty boring...

  • Ramona is still keeping her distance from Aviva…until an exorcism can be performed.  I don't blame her.
  • Sonja's life with her ex and her toaster oven is still in limbo.
  • Heather's got nothing new going on.
  • LuAnn and Jacques are letting nature take it's course. Sounds like baby making is on shaky ground.
  • Aviva still waiting for an apology from Ramona.
  • Carole's working on making her book into a TV show and she and Russ are now officially dating.

Ho hum.  Perhaps we do need Aviva screaming at Ramona to keep things interesting.  Will anything new come out at next week's reunion?


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