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Sarah Stage is not what you’d call un-hot by any means.

What she is is unpaid, and she’s looking to rectify that.

The model who worked for Playboy is suing the magazine for $225,000 because she says they didn’t pay her on time back in 2009, when she modeled for them.

Stage says Playboy agreed to pay immediately and did not, although they eventually did two months later – a lapse that she says entitles her to $225,000 in late fees.

Those are some pricey lingerie and bikini pictures!

Sarah Stage is looking for the six-figure payout, plus attorney’s fees and costs. In random news, she was one of the “bodyguards” for Sacha Baron Cohen below:

Sacha Baron Cohen Dumps Ashes on Ryan Seacrest

Bet there would be some great Dictator quotes about Sarah’s lawsuit.