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Lindsay Lohan will soon sit down with the legendary Barbara Walters for a one-on-one interview, according to reports. Oh, the softball questions she’ll be asked.

LiLo has been close to Walters for years and Barbara reached out to her about doing an interview about her new film Liz & Dick – before this current family drama.


Lohan’s epic fight with mom Dina and possible Michael Lohan restraining order have dominated headlines of late, but may be off the table or close to it here.

The actress fears sit-down interviews and questions she’s not prepared for, but insiders say Lindsay Lohan still trusts Barbara not to take things too far.

Their interview will occur sometime in the next few weeks and focus on the parallels between the lives of Lindsay Lohan and Elizabeth Taylor.

Both stars have endured the rigors of child stardom, a rough childhood, living their entire life in the public eye, dealing with addiction, and so forth.

Look for the interview to coincide with Liz & Dick‘s November 25 premiere.

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