Lindsay Lohan "Not in a Good Place," Pal Says

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Lindsay Lohan has had a rough couple of months/years/decades.

It's no surprise that Claus Hjelmbak, who was present the night she alleges she was assaulted by Christian LaBella, says "she's not in a good place."

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However, "it's not because of health issues," he said. "She's not in a good place, because people around her just keep throwing her under the bus."

According to Hjelmbak, LaBella, who Lohan hung out with at the W Hotel, didn't know Hjelmbak or Lohan before that night. So how'd he get with their crew?

"Lindsay is a sweet girl and is very open and nice when people come over and talk," he explained. "In this case, she thought it was somebody her friends know."

All was well until LaBella started taking Lindsay Lohan photos on his cell phone.

"She was visibly shaken already at that point. She was shocked. You are in a private space and realize someone has documented the entire night on the phone."

After that was when the alleged altercation happened. Hjelmbak said there were no drugs involved, and he was unsure if Lohan had even had "a drink or two."

LaBella was arrested for assault, but quickly released due to lack of evidence that a crime was actually committed, drawing a rebuke from Lindsay's rep.

Whatever happened that night, how will LiLo bounce back?

"Look at her art," Hjelmbak urged fans. "And stop focusing so much on her private life. That would be a big help to her getting back to a really good place."

If only she didn't make that near-impossible.


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