Lady Gaga Vomits on Stage, Carries on Like a BOSS

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Lady Gaga just showed Justin Bieber how it's DONE.

Gaga was in the middle of "Edge of Glory" during her concert in Spain this weekend when she bent over and puked, a la Bieber throwing up on stage last month.

She bounced back approximately one second later, however, and continued dancing! It'll take more than vomiting on stage to slow down Mother Monster.

Gaga vomited three times in all, in the span of about 15 seconds, before stepping right back into her routine like nothing ever happened. Inspirational.

According to reports, she was suffering from flu-like symptoms (or just the flu) but did not want to cancel the show and decided it must go on ... like a BOSS.

She later Tweeted about the incident and even posted a link to the video above:

"Was praying nobody saw but actually its quite a good laugh if u need one!"

Always appreciated, Lady Gaga. Always appreciated.

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