Lady Gaga Costumes: Halloween Inspiration From Mother Monster

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Lady Gaga costumes are reportedly among the most popular this Halloween.

Mother Monster does tend to lend herself to outrageous, ridiculous getups.

She's been on an all-natural kick lately, but every day is Halloween for her. For those who dress up only once a year, there are plenty of Lady Gaga costumes for sale.

Some popular ones (1-10) are shown with corresponding Lady Gaga photos below, along with some others we think should be attempted come October 31 ...

Lady GaGa in Concert
Gang Green
Lady Gaga V Cover
Lady Gaga: No Pants Picture

1. Metallic triangle dress; 2. Kermit the Frog dress; 3. Bleach-blonde bangs and pink shades; 4. Angled blonde wig (preferably with no pants).

Gaga For New Year's
Lobster Head
Like Nun Other
Devilish Gaga

5. Yellow wig and dark makeup; 6. Lobster hat; 7. Half-nude nun; 8. Devil.

Dominatrix Gaga
Gaga Photo
A Gaga Live Pic
Gaga Pulls it Off

9. Turqoise wig and form-fitting body suit; 10. Sexy mask, gloves and pink wig; 11. Crazy raccoon eyes; 12. Short pink wig and androgynous suit.

Lady Gaga in Drag Pic
Lady Gaga Fashion Statement
Lady Gaga, Sperm Hat
Gaga Meat Dress

13. In drag as alter ego Jo Calderone; 14. Dousing one's self in fake blood in a tight black dress; 15. Sperm hat; 16. Meat dress (real meat preferable).

Lady Gaga, Burka
Lady Gaga Cleavage Photo
Gaga Bird
Lady Gaga Writhes

17. Burqa; 18. Unclear; 19; Mysterious bird; 20. Dominatrix.

Lady Gaga, Fur Coat
Lady Gaga Twitpic
Lady Gaga Will Cut You
Lady Gaga Naked Photo

21. Pink fur coat; 22. Old school gangster; 23. Giant scissors; 24. Naked. People might not know you're Lady Gaga, but you're sure to be the life of the party.

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