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The release of Kate Middleton nude photos in Scandinavia was the latest chapter of the recent royal scandal, but will it be the last we hear of the bottomless and topless pics?

For celebrity gossip publications, the controversial pictures are the gift that keeps on giving. For the royal family, it’s starting to look like a nightmare that will never end.

A blogger for the The Telegraph (UK) reports, “Newspaper pictures editors tell me there are as many as 270 pictures being hawked around.” So far, we’ve seen 24.

Kate, Will, Elizabeth

The photos “feature both the Duchess and Prince William naked” and the palace fears that “the pictures are stills from a video.” In which case … look out.

A video could be even more cringe-worthy for obvious reasons (although we doubt it’s a sex tape), but it’s the inclusion of William himself that could pour gasoline on this fire.

Already fiercely protective of Kate Middleton because of his mother Princess Diana’s endless battles with paparazzi, she’s surely pretty broken up about this as is.

When and if he’s a victim of it as well? The gloves, as well as Kate’s bikini, could really be coming off then. Beware, any European tabloids who go there!

What’s your take on the Kate Middleton topless scandal? Do you feel really bad for her?

Or are you over it? Or is Morrissey right that the royal family is utterly useless anyway?

Discuss in the comments below!