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Thousands of people cheered when they saw a news anchor going off on bullying during a live broadcast after receiving a harsh letter about her weight.

One of Jennifer Livingston’s biggest supporters? Her actor brother Ron Livingston, of Swingers, Sex and the City and Office Space quotes fame! Who knew!

News Anchor Responds to Bullying

“I got an email from him,” Jennifer said on The Talk Wednesday. “I think it said something like, ‘Whoa! Saw you all over the place,’ and, ‘Way to go sis!'”

Ron isn’t the only one in Hollywood lending support.


Jennifer Love Hewitt tweeted that “the anchor who fought back against comments made about her, is my new hero! Way to go! She’s a beautiful woman!”

“What a powerful message against bullying,” Ellen DeGeneres added.

“@news8jennifer, I would love to meet you in person.”

Make it happen, people! Jennifer tweeted that she “would love” to do community related work to combat bullying, and appearing on Ellen can only help.