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Jef Holm and Emily Maynard were surprisingly seen together over the weekend.

Second thoughts perhaps? Or just the awkward pick-up-your-stuff reunion?

Most likely the latter. Emily Maynard and Jef Holm broke up earlier this month.

Emily Maynard's Two Kids

The Bachelorette stars have even confirmed it, issuing a statement last week.


Nevertheless, the two were photographed together Sunday in Charlotte.

Both clad in sunglasses, the reality TV pair, who were supposedly miserable together, kept grim faces as they headed to their car with Ricki, Maynard’s 7-year-old daughter.

No word yet on why the couple spent time together over the weekend, or whether it will somehow lead to a reconciliation between the couple. We’d bet heavily against it.

In other Bachelor news, Tony Pieper and Blakeley Shea Jones split. Sad.