Britney Spears' Lawyers to Sam Lutfi: GTF Out!

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Britney Spears' legal team is ready to come out hard against Sam Lutfi and his lawsuit against her, vehemently denying that he was trying to "save" her from drug addition.

Evil Lurks Behind Her

Lawyers for Spears note that Sam Lutfi is suing her for damages, all based on claims that she signed a contract making him her manager in 2007-08.

This is laughable for three reasons:

  1. Under his "management," Britney Spears spiraled out of control and almost died;
  2. She probably lost money in that period, making it unclear what he would be owed;
  3. If he admits she was on hard drugs, how is she competent to sign any contract?

Sam Lutfi claims, in any case, that Britney Spears was on crystal meth and other drugs and that he worked 24/7 to help her, only to have his efforts fall short.

Lawyers for Britney and Lynne Spears will argue the complete opposite, that he plied her with drugs to control her and isolate her from her family and friends.

Somehow we're placing our bets on Team Britney here.


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