Bin Laden Training Ground: Revealed on Bing Maps?

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In the best-selling book No Easy Day, a retired Navy SEAL writing under an assumed name details the raid that killed Osama bin Laden last year in Pakistan.

He says that training for the assault took place in North Carolina. With that information, whistleblower site Cryptome (dot) org thinks it found that site:

Bin Laden Training Ground
Bin Laden Compound

The alleged Bin Laden training ground (left), and his actual compound.

After putting in the coordinates in Google Maps for the Harvey Point Defense Testing facility, purportedly a CIA training ground, only a clearing in a field was seen.

On Bing Maps, however, Cryptome says it was a different story.

The website's editors claim to have spied what looks like an uncompleted mockup of the compound in Abbottabad. Is this the famed Bin Laden training ground?

Cryptome published its findings on its website Tuesday.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has said revelations in the book, written under the pseudonym Mark Owen, could put future operations in jeopardy

He suggested that the writer should be punished, as well.

President Obama famously declared Osama bin Laden dead after the surprising raid last year, the culmination of years of intelligence gathering and planning.

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