Autumn Pasquale Case: Facebook Led Alleged Killers to Victim

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The disappearance of 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale was enabled in part by Facebook, according to a new report regarding the New Jersey girl's tragic death.

Autumn Pasquale Photo

Pasquale initiated the conversation when she saw a photo that Justin Robinson, 15, had posted of his BMX motocross bike, the Newark Star-Ledger reports.

The Facebook conversation about the bike is particularly chilling, as prosecutors believe the brothers lured her to their home intending to steal her own bicycle for parts.

"Is that ur bike?" she wrote.

"Yeupp," he responded.

"Thts sexy!" Pasquale wrote.

"lol thxx," Robinson replied.

"... yes. cme 2 my house."

Four days later, Pasquale went missing.

Her body was found Monday in a recycling container next door to the boys' home in Clayton, N.J., just 17 houses away from where Pasquale lived.

She had reportedly been strangled to death.

Another Facebook post by Davidson led Robinson's mother to call the police on Monday, worried that her sons may have been involved in Pasquale's disappearance.

Justin and his 17-year-old brother Donte Robinson are charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, evidence tampering, improperly disposing of a body and theft.

Pasquale will be buried Saturday.