Amanda Todd Case: Stalker Accused of Driving Teen to Suicide Investigated By Police

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Canadian police investigating the heartbreaking suicide of Vancouver teen Amanda Todd are looking into an anonymous tip blaming one man in particular for hear death.

A mysterious informant appeared on YouTube Monday under the name of Anonymous to claim that a 30-year-old man from New Westminster, B.C., was responsible.

Amanda Todd, 15, took her own life October 10.

Amanda Todd Photo

The release of the alleged suspect's name, which we have chosen not to print at this time, resulted in a torrent of outrage flooded social media and hate groups threatening him.

Police are calling the charges "unfounded" and have criticized Anonymous for their online attack, which they have been unable to substantiate at this time.

Explained the RCMP in a statement:

“One of our big challenges right now, is false information that is being spread by people who appear to be trying to use Amanda’s story to do harm or make a profit."

“One unfounded allegation involved the release of information that spread quickly online identifying a man as Amanda’s tormenter [and was] absolutely not true.”

So they may be back at square one.

Before tormented Todd committed suicide last month, she posted her own YouTube video detailing her nightmare of bullying and self-harm (below).

Holding up cards telling of disturbing interactions on live webcams that began in 7th grade, she went on to reveal how she flashed a man, who called her "pretty and beautiful."

She got a message on Facebook a year later threatening that if she didn't put a show on for him he would show "boobs" to all her friends, family and school pals.

Then one morning over Christmas she got a knock on her door at 4 a.m. from the police, telling Amanda Todd that her photo had been sent to everyone.

"Then I got really sick… anxiety, major depression and panic disorder. Then I moved and got into drugs and alcohol," she said in the video.

The tormented teen got locked into a downward spiral of cutting and self-hatred "to make the pain go away," before finally succumbing to suicide.

We hope that teens everywhere use her tragic story as a cautionary tale on bullying, Internet use, stalking and general treatment of others. R.I.P. Amanda.

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