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Shaun White is very sorry.

The world champion snowboarder was arrested in Nashville Sunday on charges of vandalism and public intoxication, and doesn’t deny that ugly incident took place.

“I want to apologize for the unwise choices I made over the weekend and for any inconvenience it caused my family, friends, business partners, the hotel and their guests,” White says in a statement posted on his Facebook page.

Shaun White Image
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“I was celebrating a happy occasion with a ton of family and friends and got carried away. I’m truly sorry for my poor behavior.”

Did he ever!

White was in town for musician Patrick Carney’s wedding and is accused of pulling a hotel fire alarm and then attempting to flee the scene, only to end up tackled by a citizen with whom White tussled soon after his evacuation prank.

He was taken to a hospital after police arrived on the scene and then treated, charged and released.