Ravens Crowd Calls "Bullsh!t" on Refs; NBC Airs Entire Thing

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Things got pretty heated last night during the Patriots-Ravens game on Monday Night Football, with the Baltimore crowd erupting into a boisterous "bullsh*t" chant at one point.

Which NBC aired in all its glory, uncensored:

Convinced that the maligned replacement refs blew a call (the regular refs are currently in a labor dispute with the NFL), Ravens fans called BS ... loudly and clearly.

NBC play-by-play man Al Michaels noted, "It's the loudest manure chant I've ever heard."

Indeed. Whether the FCC responds with the largest fine is the big question.

Live, intense sporting events lend themselves to expletives flying around at a moment's notice, but this chant went on for minutes, plural. No way NBC could feign ignorance.

Just awesomeness. Totally worth a six-figure fine.

The Ravens won 31-30, BT-Dubs.