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Joseph Bolanos, a Manhattan resident, has grown so fed up with the city’s rat infestation that he put up RAT XING signs. Custom made and quite hilarious.

As president of the West 76th Street Block Association, he decided to call attention to the growing problem by installing eye-catching signs on Wednesday.

Yup, fake traffic-crossing signs just for the rats. 

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The diamond-shaped plastic signs feature the words “RAT XING” and were hung with double-sided tape around his Upper West Side neighborhood.

The move may be flippant, but Bolanos said he thinks the signs could bring attention to the issue plaguing his streets. He told NBC News last week:

“I have heard neighbors thinking someone got attacked outside because they would hear shrieks, but it was just people who were passing by running with the fear of God in them from all of the rats frolicking like it’s Cirque du Soleil.”

“You’re putting a buffet out for them for 12 hours,” Bolanos said, adding that the rats are “really destroying [residents’] quality of life.”

The rat problem, residents said, stems from a construction site where workers leave trash from their lunch out, underneath a tarp overnight.

That and it’s a giant, densely populated city.

“I designed them. I laminated them. They’re going to be bigger next week,” Bolanos said. “Believe it or not, they have already started working in a sense because when people see them, they cross the ‘rat zone’ altogether.”