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Lindsay Lohan’s new Lifetime movie, Liz & Dick, comes out November 3. The network has released its first trailer for the movie staring LiLo as Elizabeth Taylor. Peep it:

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Putting aside the fact that Taylor was an acclaimed movie star and this is a Lifetime film, the powers that be made a good call casting Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor.

The parallels between the young actress, who stars alongside Grant Bowler, and the icon she’s embodying are obvious. It’ll also get huge ratings based on LiLo’s train wreck status.

Official synopsis after the jump:


On the set of Cleopatra, Hollywood’s most beautiful star, Elizabeth Taylor, fell into the arms of one of the world’s greatest actors, Richard Burton – and she didn’t leave. Their subsequent white-hot, scandalous love affair gave rise to the paparazzi and they became the most hunted and photographed couple on earth. Their rocky, passionate, relationship, born in front of the cameras, was subsequently captured in a series of films, including The V.I.P.s and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? The last of the great, extravagant stars, flaunting diamonds, yachts and private planes, they continually seized the headlines. They even divorced and married again – only to divorce again – but remain in each other’s hearts. This Elizabeth Taylor – Richard Burton story is a no-holds barred account of their undying, but impossible love.

Hopefully Lindsay, who was hospitalized with a lung infection yesterday and has had more medical and legal issues than we can count, finds greater stability in life.