Lil Wayne Speaks Directly to God (G-O-D)

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In the latest amazing excerpt from his recent lawsuit deposition, Lil Wayne told the Pete Ross, the attorney for Quincy Jones III, that he speaks directly with God.

You know, G-O-D.

Lil Wayne's deposition took place in June in is lawsuit against Jones, who he's suing over a documentary about the rapper. Wayne has termed the movie a "scandalous portrayal."

When Ross questions Weezy about who, if anyone, the rapper confided in when he first expressed disdain for Quincy's documentary, he dodges at first, but then replies:

"The first person likely that would have been told by me would be God because I tell him everything."

This exchange followed:

Ross: Who's that?
Lil Wayne: God. G-O-D.
Ross:  Oh.
Lil Wayne: Yeah.
Ross: As in …
Lil Wayne: The man up above.
Ross: … God who rules over us all.
Lil Wayne: Yes sir.
Ross: Okay. Do you remember anything in particular you told to God about the documentary?
Lil Wayne: I don't remember, no.



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