Joanna Krupa Wants More Sex from Fiance

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Joanna Krupa has the 85th best bikini body on the planet, according to THG research.

Photos of Joanna Krupa nude has been known to crash servers around the country.

And yet this supermodel, who is now a Real Housewives of Miami cast member, can't get any at home.

A Joanna Krupa Photograph

"I feel deprived. I’m deprived of sex," the model tells The Daily Buzz, specifically calling out fiancé Romain Zagob. "I don’t get it as much as I would like to... every day would be nice."

Krupa and Zago have been engaged for five years, though the former wonders if they'll ever walk down the aisle.

"Right now I love him," she said. "In five minutes, ask me again.”

Times have clearly changed for this couple. In late 2009, Krupa also said the two weren't exchanging bodily fluids often enough... but Krupa blamed herself in that instance.


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